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Breach of Contract

Should I hire an attorney?

A business contract is one of the fundamental foundations of the business world. With a contract, all legally binding parties must abide by the contractual agreements and if one party does not honor the agreement, they may be determined to be in breach of contract. Whether you are a large corporation, a partner or a small business owner, if you are dealing with a breach of contract issue, you deserve representation and hiring an attorney may be highly beneficial to your case.

If one or more parties does not withhold the terms outlined in the contract, the non-breaching party may be able to sue for damages sustained. When one party or multiple parties does not uphold their end of a contract, non-breaching may not be able to withhold their end of the deals, sometimes making completing projects impossible. Commonly awarded entitlements from breach of contracts include:

Consequential Damages
Damages awarded to a non-breaching party that would equal the amount the money that would have been earned had the breaching party not breached to begin with.

Punitive Damages
These are awarded as payments to the non-breaching party to help complete the project or to compensate for time and money lost.

Nominal Damages
This is the minimal amount that is awarded to a non-breaching party after a settled lawsuit. It must be determined that the non-breaching party did not lose much financially from the case.

Liquidated Damages
If it was agreed that on signing of the contract, that if one party breaches the contract they must pay a predetermined sum of money to the non-breaching party.

Working with Coontz Cochran

If you are a non-breaching party who is looking to receive damages from a breaching party of a contract, it is important that you act quickly. Texas holds a four year statute of limitations agreement (Texas Business and Commerce Code §2.725) to bring a lawsuit against a breaching party. It could be to your benefit to contact our firm as soon as possible and schedule your free case evaluation. The sooner you act, the sooner we can guide you on the right legal path to take for your particular case. Call our firm today!

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